According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word “create” can be defined as, “To make or bring into existence something new.” Artists traditionally have been seen as creative, because they do this very thing, they bring into existence something new! However, anytime we solve a challenging problem we are doing the same thing, we are bringing into existence something new to provide a solution to a specific issue.

If we see creativity as problem solving, then everyone has the ability to be creative, because all of us are involved in problem solving daily. Associating creativity with problem solving seems a little broad and vague, therefore lets place parameters around this idea. The two characteristics that help qualify creativity are relevance and novelty.

Relevance is the degree by which a problem is actually solved. Sometimes our perception is that problems are getting solved, where as others clearly see that an issue remains.  Therefore it can’t be creative if it’s not actually solving the problem.

Novelty is the degree of differentiation. That’s where the subjectivity in creativity comes from. That’s how you can look at one person and say that person is really creative and turn to another person and see limitations. It’s how we define anything that’s creative. When we see novelty. When we see something that surprises us! When we see something solved differently and we are impressed, that is the novelty qualifier that clarifies the scale of creativity.

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